CCCATA Resocialization Back to Sport Plan

The following document has been created by the California Community College Athletic Trainers’ Association (CCCATA) COVID-19 Work Group to provide guidelines for CCCAA member institutions to use when creating individual institutional re-socialization back to sport plans. Federal, state, county and local guidelines take precedent over these guidelines.

It is recommended that each member institution create an Athletics COVID-19 Action Team that will work collaboratively and in alignment with the institution COVID-19 Action Team.

Appendix A: COVID-19 Educational Session for Administrators, Faculty and Staff (Power Point)

Appendix B: COVID-19 Educational Session for Student Athletes (Power Point)

Appendix C: COVID -19 Pre-Participation Questionnaire & Risk/Liability

Appendix D: COVID-19 Assumption of Risk and Liability

Appendix E: COVID-19 Physician Referral From

Appendix F: Daily Screening Instructions & Symptoms Form

Appendix G: Daily Screening Check-in Forms

Appendix H: Handout for Student-Athletes with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

Additional Information and Resources


Sample Documents and Forms


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