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Position Information
Athletic Trainer I (June 2016)
Kinesiology (Kinesiology)
District Funded
Five days/week
Flexible hours (Eight hours/day)
35-1 (Starting salary for a new classified hire at Citrus College is fixed at Step 1.)
$3,795.34/mth ($21.90/hr)
The District provides a comprehensive program of fringe benefits including major medical, dental, and vision insurance for full-time employees and eligible dependents. Life insurance provided for employee only. For all part-time employees with an assignment that is 50% or more, the District provides benefits on a pro-rated basis.
Licenses and Certificates
Cover Letter
Other Document (s)
Administers preventive treatment and rehabilitation to physical education students and athletes engaged in various intercollegiate sports; assure compliance with health and safety standards; oversee the issuance, maintenance and replacement of athletic injury protective gear and equipment for the college athletic program.
Provides urgent care service for student-athlete injuries sustained during physical education classes, team practices and athletic events. Evaluates seriousness of injuries, and administers first aid. Refers students to a physician as needed. Provides protective taping, bracing and padding for athletes. Assures compliance with safety standards by properly fitting athletic equipment, knee, and ankle braces, and other protective gear. Monitors athletic rehabilitation programs for injured students. Provides physical therapy treatment for injuries as diagnosed or prescribed by team physicians. Operates a variety of athletic and medical equipment including a muscle stimulation unit and ultrasound machine. Educates and counsels athletes about their conditions including the nature of injuries and the procedures to be followed for recovery. Serves as a trainer at home-and-away athletic events. Provides protective equipment and performs emergency repairs at athletic. Provides protective taping and urgent care to injuries. Advises a coach on athlete readiness to resume activity. Assists in the selection of athletic equipment, supplies and uniforms. Confers with coaches on equipment and supply specifications. Modifies athletic equipment to fit. Fabricates modifications to equipment that accommodate injury or other unique requirements. Maintains and inventories athletic uniforms, supplies and equipment. Monitors and documents the distribution of supplies. Cleans and maintains a training room in a condition suitable for patient-athlete care. Inspects practice areas and athletic equipment, consulting with coaches on injury prevention methods. Prepares and maintains records and reports including injury and accident reports, rehabilitation logs and insurance claims. Maintains and updates student files. May participate in selection, training and scheduling of student workers. Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.
The position requires specialized knowledge of the theories, principles, practices, and techniques of physical therapy and preventative and rehabilitative treatment used in college athletic and physical education programs. Requires a working knowledge of the equipment, materials, and supplies used in a college athletic and physical education program. Requires a working knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology. Requires knowledge of injury evaluation and treatment techniques including first aid and the proper fitting of assistance devices. Requires skill at fitting and modifying athletic equipment. Requires knowledge of proper methods for inventorying and storing equipment, materials, and supplies. Requires knowledge of pertinent health and safety regulations governing rehabilitation health care. Requires well-developed language and human relation skills to explain technical concepts to others, serve customers, and give instructions.
See Education and Experience below.
– College experience in an Athletic Training Program.
A bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, physical education, athletic training or sports medicine, and one year of athletic training (including a student internship) experience; or, in the absence of a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, or the completion of at least sixty (60) college-level semester units, and three years of athletic training (including a student internship) experience; or in the absence of an associate degree, or the completion of at least sixty (60) college-level semester units, four years of athletic training (including a student internship) experience.
Incumbent is required to perform work of an active nature, requiring sufficient physical stamina to carry out duties. Requires use of well-developed hand eye coordination for precise motions and use of small instruments. Requires ambulatory ability to lift medium-to-heavy weight materials, balance, and walk and stand for extended periods of time. Requires hand and arm strength to perform massage and kneading movements. Requires visual acuity to observe moving objects and recognize physical injuries. Requires auditory ability to project voice to a small group.
-Requires a valid driver’s license.
Please note, indicating the driver’s license number on the application will be considered complete for the application procedure. If a valid driver’s license is required for this position, verification of a valid driver’s license will be made at the time of employment.-Requires a First Aid and CPR card.

-Requires a National Athletic Trainers Association Certificate.

Please scan copies of your first aid card, CPR card, and NATA Certificate and upload them under “Licenses and Certificates”. Please make sure your scanned images are less than 2MB each (72 dpi).

Applications are considered legal documents, and as such, all areas of the application must be completed or your application packet will be considered incomplete, and will not be moved forward. While it may be appropriate in some areas of your application to use “NA” (not applicable), do not use terms such as “see resume” or “see attached”. When listing your work experience, please specify the beginning and end dates for each job you held and describe your experience.Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required documents, and those additional documents you choose to include, are attached BEFORE clicking the “Finished Attaching Documents” button and confirming. It is advisable to attach “Optional” documents first, and then “Required” documents once you are ready to click on the “Finished Attaching Documents” button and confirming.

Application -AND- Supplemental Questionnaire must be complete. A resume will not substitute for a fully completed employment application and supplemental questionnaire. Incomplete applications will be rejected. When listing your work experience, please specify the beginning and end dates for each job you held and describe your experience.

Additional documents CANNOT be added to your electronic application packet once you click on “Finished Attaching Documents” and receive your confirmation number; so, please be sure you have all documents you will upload handy and in an electronic format. THE APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM WILL NOT ACCEPT DOCUMENTS LARGER THAN 2MB. IF YOUR DOCUMENTS DO NOT UPLOAD, PLEASE RESIZE. If you do not have all your documents handy at the time you are applying for the position, we advise you to click on “Finish Attaching Documents Later”. Be sure, however, to finish attaching your documents BEFORE the close or first consideration date for the position. Please remember, you will NOT be able to attach additional documents after you have selected “Finished Attaching Documents” and have received a confirmation number, and you will not be able to apply for a position after the position has closed.

Please note: should an applicant apply for a position more than once, only the most recently received application packet will be the one screened for completeness. All others will be deemed inactive, and will not be considered, regardless of completeness.

We regret we are unable to accept faxed, emailed, mailed, or hand delivered application materials outside the online Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Only application materials submitted through this electronic format will be accepted. Exception: The Citrus College Form 101 must be mailed or hand delivered to the Director of Human Resources in a sealed, confidential envelope.

Reasonable accommodations will be provided to candidates with verified disabilities. Accommodation requests should be made at the time the interview appointment is scheduled.

Acceptance of this position includes complying with the provisions of an agency shop. Every classified employee is a dues-paying member of the California School Employees Association (CSEA).

Starting salary for a new classified hire at Citrus College is fixed at Step 1.

–Candidates must upload copies of all transcripts (need not be official at the time of application) which prove sufficient for verifying minimum qualifications for this position.
–Official transcripts will be required at the time of the job offer.
–Transcripts must be from the awarding institution, and must show that the degree has been awarded (or conferred) and the year.
–Degree(s) must be earned (or conferred) from accredited institution(s) or an equivalent foreign institution by the first consideration date for this position.
–All degrees must be verifiable on a legible transcript by the indicated first consideration date for this position.
–Foreign transcripts must be transcribed in English AND evaluated for U.S. equivalency by a bona fide U.S. evaluation service.
–A selection committee will review application packages of those candidates who have met the minimum qualifications for this position, and will select a limited number of qualified candidates for an interview.
–Each candidate may be asked to make a presentation on a topic of the selection committee’s choice. The candidate will be informed of the topic when an interview appointment is scheduled.
–Each candidate may be asked to provide a sample of his or her writing ability just prior to the interview.
–Travel costs must be borne by the applicant.
–Final candidates for faculty, management, and supervisor/confidential positions may be interviewed by the Superintendent/President.
–If selected as a finalist, the candidate permits the District to contact the current and former employer(s) to investigate past employment history.

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