The Jeff and Dick Nelson
Community College Student Athletic Trainer Scholarship
Presented by the California Community College Athletic Trainers Association

Summary: The Jeff and Dick Nelson California Community College Student Athletic Trainer Scholarship is a $750.00 award given to two students (one Northern California student athletic trainer and one Southern California student athletic trainer) who displays exemplary dedication and skill in the athletic training room.

Qualifications: Members of the California Community College Athletic Trainers Association (CCCATA) are allowed to nominate 3 student athletic trainers per year for this scholarship. Athletic trainers are asked to carefully select students based on dedication, work ethic, skill, collegiality, and need. There is no minimum service requirement for nomination, no restriction on what year in school the student is, and no minimum GPA requirements. It is the expressed intent of the Nelson family that an excellent Community College athletic training student who is also a good steward, use the $750.00 to help pay for their education and assist in their pathway to academic and career success.

Application Process: CCCATA members are asked to submit their nominees (maximum 3) along with a statement about the student and why they should be selected for the scholarship. Please include your contact information as the nominating athletic trainer and the student’s contact information (email and phone number). After a panel review, three students from the North and three students from the South will be selected as finalists. The finalists will be notified and asked to provide a personal statement to the selection committee for review. One winner from the North and one winner from the South will be awarded the scholarship at the Far West Athletic Trainers Association annual symposium.

Where to send the nominations: Please email your nominations to [email protected]
Questions about this scholarship can be directed to Meredith Dillon at the above email or call 760-862-1373


Jeff Nelson with Henry Schein is to donor of this award. He can be reached at [email protected] or his cell at 408.234.0778 and his colleagues:
Kenny Beehler   1-775-327-3215     [email protected]

Justin Matlage   1-510-332-6411   [email protected]




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